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By: Marc Lindahl
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  vote or die
posted on 2004-10-28 12:18 PM

Tuesday | 11.02.04

With only a few days remaining until Election Day, the early polls dictate that it's a closer race than first anticipated.

Reports from several states across the country claim that what were once sure shots for one side are now potential swing states, which can go either way.

We're pretty sure most of you out there are ready to go On Tuesday. Let's just make sure that we actually to get out to the polls and votes; keep in mind that it's one thing to register, but it means nothing if we don't go out there and get it done, ah-ight?

 This message is powered by Citizen Change. Log on to their website for information on the issues at hand, how to volunteer and where to get those  Vote  Or Die! t-shirts. See y'all at the polls!

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