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You can help us keep this site running with a small donation. Even $1 will help. Of course, $100 will help more, and with $1million, we can really get things done!!


Free Music

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Protest songs! Download them now! Play them LOUD! You can upload your songs here. MP3 format is recommended, with ID3v1 tags please.
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Free Music United
"this song expresses our hope and vision for a united hip-hop community, city, and world. We really hope to squash the intolerance that’s been sparked recently and influence people in a positive way…" and Nitty adds, "because United is the only way."
Free Music Use It Or Lose It
Why you should vote
Free Music Masters Of War
remake of the classic Bob Dylan song - he said it like noone can! You stupid masters of war!
Free Music Bela Ciao
Lindahl/Amezquita Copyright (c)(P)2004
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