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Bowery launches Protest site

New York -- Underground hiphop label launches a political protest site today.
"This isn't the same country anymore," opined Marc Lindahl, founder of  "It feels like certain people have hijacked the country and they are working the system, even changing the system, and serving their own interests and not thinking about what is good or right for the American people."  So the hiphop entrepreneur started formulating a plan.

“I started thinking.  The last election came down to 576 votes.  And yet fully half of the eligible population doesn’t vote, especially young people.  Then I started hearing about voter intimidation and misinformation tactics that were used last time, and that made me mad.” 

“How can I help inspire people to get out there and register and vote?” Lindahl asked, “I started talking to other musicians I know who felt the same frustration.  Then it dawned on me.  Speak to people with music.  Inspire people with music.  Give them the courage with music.  This gave birth to the Protest! Album idea.” will be hosting the site, which will allow any musician or spoken word artist or comedian to post mp3 files of their work.  “We’re looking for inspiration,” says Lindahl.  “It can be any style of music or words.”  Then CD’s will be mastered from this material and the masters will be made available to organizations dedicated to get out the vote.  They can then sell the CD’s to raise money for their efforts.

The site features voting/rating of songs, discussion boards for the music, places to post protest art, lyrics, and have other political discussions, free personal homepages, blogs, links, news, and RSS/XML feeds.

“We are looking for partners in this, as well,” says Marc Lindahl, “together we can really get the vote out.  Together we can inspire people and give them strength with some great music.  So if you have a good song, a poem, a comedy routine, upload it.  If you want to get involved in any aspect of this project, contact me right away.”


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