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By: Marc Lindahl
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  Some interesting Facts
posted on 2004-08-15 01:17 PM
From Harding In 1921 to Bush in 2003, Democrats held White House for 40 years, and Republicans for 42.5 years, during which time,
1. Democrats created 75,820,000 net new jobs and Republicans 36,440,000.
2. Per Year Average : Democrats = 1,825,200 vs. Republicans = 856,400.
3. There was either a depression or a recession during the administrations of 6 of the 9 Republican presidents .
4. The DOW grew by 52% more under Democrats, and
5. The GDP grew by 26.4% more under Democrats.

Job growth rates under recent Presidents:
Johnson: 3.8% in 5 years
Carter: 3.1% in 4 years
Clinton: 2.2% in 8 years
Kennedy: 2.3% in 3 years

Nixon: 2.3% in 5 years
Reagan: 2.1% in 8 years
Bush Sr: .6% in 4 years


Compare Clinton against Reagan:

1. 24% more jobs under Clinton
2. 64% greater GDP under Clinton
3. 500% higher growth in the DOW under Clinton
4. Clinton increased national spending by 28%,while Reagan increased it by 80%
5. Clinton increased national debt by 28%,while Reagan increased it by 187%
6. Clinton produced a huge surplus, while Reagan increased deficits by 112%

Let's Go To War (that is, send other people's children)
*Bill Bennett- sought graduate school deferment
*Pat Buchanan-- sought deferment
*Newt Gingrich -- sought graduate school deferment
*Phil Gramm -- sought marriage deferment
*Jack Kemp-- sought medical deferment
*Rush Limbaugh-- sought deferment
*Dan Quayle-- Family got him into the Reserves.
*Pat Robertson-- his US Senator father got him out of Korea as soon as the shooting began.
*Kenneth Starr-- sought deferment for psoriasis
*John Wayne-- sought deferment to further acting career
*George Will-- sought graduate school deferment
*Dick Cheney-- sought graduate school deferment
*George W. Bush -- used his family connections (what else is new?!?) to get into the Air National Guard and then "deserted" his post for two years, but still got an "Honorable Discharge".

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