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By: Samara Jones
  Let me blow witchu
posted on 2005-01-24 07:22 PM
It was late last year,
my blood colored da sky
When I saw da break of dawn
Cudn’t let maself die
N Never had I cried before
Neva had my steel heart died before
N now I felt da roar
Blast, from inside you can last
You’ve seen it go by
Everynewday becomes da past
So I got maself together
Cuz I will survive
Dis is ma battlefield
N im stayin alive
So as I pull out ma skill
I will fight back
Pull on an ounce of dis
N two ounces of dat
Cuz ma body will listen
When ma mind will speak
Give it da motivation
Wont let ma body be weak
It’ll Bring ma strength back
Wit its every freaky line
Wont let me slip free
Wont let me resign
So as I walk
across da desert sand
Tryin meet ma bodies every demad
Da Wind pushes on ma back
And becomes ma only friend
And wut do I say to it as im makin it thru…

[Let me run witchu
Let me fly witchu
I aint stayin back
Let me blow witchu]

Step afta step
I cross da desert seas
My head spins
I feel it 100 degrees
my body burns
but what does ma mind see,
my inspiration comes
from da breaks of ma sanity
cuz when it burns from ma mind
I wear it on ma eyes
Seein ma oasis
Ma destination ma prize
And den i reassure my legs
My aches my pains
After da drought
It always rains
Cuz from the bad times
The good times will arise
Cuz dis isn’t the end
Not da event of my demise
So as I lean back
To da comfort of ma only friend
I feel it again as im makin it thru
Dis is wut I say, cmon u say it too

[Let me run witchu
Let me fly withcu
I aint stayin back
Let me blow witchu]

As I pull closa
I see it infront of ma eyes
My one destination
My home unda da skies
And I carry on stronga
Till I reach dem gates
Cuz on da inside
My home awaits
And den finally
I’ve made it der
All dese days seem longa
den a year
So I tell dis story to you all
To let u know,
Dat when courage is all you got
Jus get up and go
And when u hear dis anthem
You should remember
Good times from bad times
Truth to lies
But you always gon make it
Jus hold in ya cries
And den u’ll always know
Dat no matta where u are
Jus lean back on ya friend and u’ll make it far
So , as da bad times come,
And all you have is you
Jus rememba dis anthem and u’ll make it thru

By Harjot Takhar
Posts: 10 [PM] [E-Mail]