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By: Samara Jones
  A Poor Misconception
posted on 2005-01-24 01:22 PM
An old man once rich in happiness
Now lies painfully; completely emotionless
He once had everything he wanted in life
A loving family, children and wife
His only fault was that he was born of colour Black
And the colour white in his skin he did lack

We may believe the world is now a different place
Where people are not judged by their colour or race
This my friend is just a poor misconception
The arrest of innocent people is an exception

It all happened in the blink of an eye
He was in the wrong place at the wrong time
He was not even given a chance to defend
He was stuck in a two-sided dead end
The police immediately took out the hand-cuffs
And did not mind being too rough


Out grocery shopping for his family he had been
When he heard a most frightening scream
In a matter of seconds the police came
And saw him as guilty and to blame
His whole life flashed before his eyes
Wishing that someone would hear his desperate cries


Now sixty years later they suddenly find out
That he was innocent within no doubt
They say they are sorry and they will try to repay
But what about all those tears and years in dismay?
He was put in a cage and treated like a dog
When he really had done nothing wrong


He discovers that his family committed suicide
They’d rather leave the world than live without him by their side
Now what will all the money in the world do
When what he wants most he can’t turn to
Now he may live in a big house and have money to spare
But in his troublesome mind he does not care


Now we must all come together as one
And try to fix the damage we’ve already done
No one should be treated different because of his or her race
Or because of the colour of his or her face
How would you feel if you were judged on the spot?
Or denied your rights and everything you’ve got?

By Jasbir Rukhra
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