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By: Samara Jones
  Fear for another day
posted on 2005-01-20 11:16 PM
The pain that rips inside
Of being broken down again
Stolen of his pride
And shot down by his only friend
He contemplates suicide
He’s afraid to see another day
He lays sleeping awake in his bed
Crying away his pain

Fight the force
Help stop their brutal attacks
Make them look away
So that they can never turn back

He walks his lonely path
The only one he has
Tripped again on his way
He tries to run the other way
He fights to escape
But never to any prevail
All he does now is sit there
Holding himself as he gets wailed


Ask yourself
Is this what you want to see
The infliction of hurt on others
A life of insanity
Or will you take a stand
Be the first to rebel
To stop these villainous people
And deny these victims from their blissful hell


by Arwin Kalra
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