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Donald Trump's farewell: We did what we came to do  2021-01-20
"We did what we came to do - and so much more," Mr Trump says, a day before he leaves office.
Trump pardons Bannon in final acts of clemency  2021-01-20
His ex-adviser faces fraud charges over a fundraising campaign to build a wall on the Mexican border.
Pink seesaws at US-Mexico wall win design award  2021-01-19
The installation allowed children to play together from both sides of the US-Mexico border.
Kamala Harris: A beginner's guide to the vice-president  2021-01-19
The US is about to have its first female vice-president in history. Here's what awaits Kamala Harris.
Homeless Montreal man dies in cold just yards from shelter  2021-01-19
Raphaël André was found in a portable toilet next to a shelter that was closed due to Covid-19.
New owners of Tiger King zoo ordered to surrender cubs  2021-01-19
Jeff and Lauren Lowe must hand over all tiger cubs and their mothers to the US government.
SLS: Nasa finds cause of 'megarocket' test shutdown  2021-01-20
An issue with hydraulic systems led to the early shutdown of a test for Nasa's new "megarocket".
Kamala Harris and a 1986 snapshot of that Howard generation  2021-01-20
They are all laughing at the camera, but what are the stories of the women next to Kamala Harris?
Biden Inauguration: What will Joe Biden do first?  2021-01-20
The President-elect has a laundry list of priorities for his first 100 days in the White House.
Biden cabinet: Does this new team better reflect America?  2020-12-17
The role of a president's inaugural cabinet goes beyond just policy - let's take a closer look.
Biden inauguration: Americans' hopes and fears for next president  2021-01-20
Members of our voter panel all wish Joe Biden well, but they're divided over his chances of success.
Americans in the UK: 'It was a four-year soap opera'  2021-01-19
With Joe Biden set to be inaugurated, what have Americans in the UK made of the past four years?
US historians on what Donald Trump's legacy will be  2021-01-19
The last four years have been a whirlwind - we asked the experts to break down Trump's key moments.
Melania’s jacket and nine other defining images of Trump's presidency  2021-01-19
As Donald Trump prepares to leave office, here are some of the key moments of his presidency.
Joe Biden inauguration: When are he and Kamala Harris sworn in?  2021-01-18
The inauguration of a new president is a day that usually follows decades of custom. Not this time.
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