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Mid-flight fake bomb plot ends in air piracy charge  2022-01-21
Prosecutors say the men reported a fake bomb threat to detain an opposition journalist in Minsk.
Infant among four bodies found near US-Canada border  2022-01-20
Police say the group perished in freezing "endless fields, large snowdrifts and complete darkness".
US man found dead surrounded by deadly pythons and cobras  2022-01-21
A neighbour made the grim discovery after peering through his window.
American Airlines plane turns around mid-flight over mask row  2022-01-21
An American Airlines plane bound for London turns around because a passenger refused to wear a mask.
Capitol riot inquiry asks Ivanka Trump to voluntarily testify  2022-01-20
Congressional investigators believe she pressed her father to try to call off the rioters.
US comic Louie Anderson dies aged 68  2022-01-21
The stand-up comedian appeared in films including Coming to America and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Texas synagogue: How synagogues stay safe - and still welcoming  2022-01-20
Security training saved the lives of the hostages at Congregation Beth Israel. Is this the new norm?
'Pastor' arrested after disabled people found locked in his basement  2022-01-20
The man and his wife claimed they were operating a "personal care home" in the dead-bolted basement.
George Floyd: Federal civil rights trial of three ex-officers begins  2022-01-21
Who are the three ex-Minneapolis officers accused of depriving the unarmed black man of his civil rights?
Most Havana syndrome not caused by 'foreign powers'  2022-01-20
A mysterious illness striking US diplomats can usually be explained by natural causes, a report finds.
Ukraine tension: President Zelensky hits back at Biden comments  2022-01-20
Its president bristles at suggestions a "minor" Russian attack may bring a weaker Western response.
Biden questions if US midterm elections will be 'legit'  2022-01-20
Mr Biden casts doubt on election integrity as party rebels doom his voting overhaul agenda.
Biden faces some tough questions  2022-01-20
‘The nicest questions.’ Here are some of Biden’s moments as he reads his report card to the press.
Whirlwind dash through year one  2022-01-20
How did the US president do in his first 12 months in the White House?
Mexico missing: 'If I find a body, I recover a piece of my son'  2022-01-18
With nearly 100,000 disappeared people in Mexico, families have taken on the search themselves.
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