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Trump abandons plan to host G7 summit at his Miami golf course after criticism  2019-10-20
The plan to use one of the president's resorts in Florida sparked bipartisan criticism.
The importance of bilingualism on the campaign trail  2019-10-19
How does speaking French or Spanish affect a candidate's chances in North American politics?
Hong Kong protests: NBA fans join anti-China display  2019-10-19
Spectators at a US basketball match don T-shirts and masks in support of the Hong Kong protests.
US black school aide fired for rebuking boy's use of n-word  2019-10-18
A school guard was fired for using a racial slur while telling a student not to use the same word.
Hillary Clinton: Russia 'grooming' Democratic candidate  2019-10-18
Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard accuses Mrs Clinton of a campaign to "destroy my reputation".
Turkey Syria offensive: Mitch McConnell attacks Trump  2019-10-18
Republican Mitch McConnell calls Turkey's Syria offensive and the US troop withdrawal a "nightmare".
Nasa astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir in all-women spacewalk  2019-10-18
Two female astronauts made history as they replaced a power unit on the International Space Station.
The door knock that killed a Japanese teenager in Baton Rouge  2019-10-19
An exchange student got lost in Louisiana at Halloween in 1992 - his parents are still processing what happened.
Are US billionaires really going to pay more tax?  2019-10-19
For years, the assumption has been that most Americans are anti-tax, but are attitudes changing?
This gran picked up roadkill to create the perfect armchair  2019-10-18
How Nanny Pat's homemade labour of love made her the internet's favourite grandmother.
'A stray baseball cracked my skull'  2019-10-18
Fans have been left permanently disabled or even killed by rogue baseballs. So what's to be done?
Is the Trump campaign spending $1m a week on ads?  2019-10-18
Elizabeth Warren made the claim and accused Facebook of taking cash, "no questions asked".
Horses, handshakes and bad edits: The dos and don’ts of political photo-ops  2019-10-18
After Kim Jong-un is pictured on horseback, here's how other world leaders have utilised the cameras.
Canada election: Your questions answered  2019-10-18
We answer a sample of readers' questions about Canada's federal election.
What happened this week in Trump's impeachment saga?  2019-10-17
From quid-pro-quo to arrests, we catch you up on the latest developments.
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