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  Fast Food News Blues
posted on 2005-01-20 10:38 PM
Fast Food News Blues

You sit down at 7:00
Turn on your televison
What happened in the world today?
How come every channel that you choose
Has got no real news?
Everything you see is a joke.

You’d be better off watching Public Access.
I’ve got the Fast Food News

Wanna find out about politics?
Well not from any of those partisan hacks,
When all they do is tow the party line.
No matter what the question,
Their only suggestion,
Is our guy’s better than theirs. (trust us)


Buzz words are driving you nuts.
Desperate to find some substance?
You won’t find an-y here.
Everything stated in sound bites.
Flashy graphics, big bright lights,
Gotta keep them entertained.


MJ, Peterson, and Kobe,
TV is their judge and jury.
Celeb couples everyday,
At least Bennifer’s finally gone away.
Janet Jackson shows a breast,
Networks get a headline fest.

The same stories get replay,
Delivered in the same way,
Didn’t something more important happen today?!
Didn’t something more important happen today?
ANYthing important happen today…?

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