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Judge orders restoration of dreamers' scheme  2020-12-05
The Trump administration is told to resume a programme that protects immigrants from deportation.
Fort Bragg: Foul play suspected in two soldiers' deaths  2020-12-05
The bodies of William Lavigne and Timothy Duma were discovered at the army base on Wednesday.
Joe Biden: Covid vaccination in US will not be mandatory  2020-12-05
It comes as the Centers for Disease Control urges "universal mask use" anywhere outside the home.
Anti-doping bill: President Trump signs law allowing United States to prosecute dopers  2020-12-05
A bill allowing the United States to prosecute anyone involved in doping at international events is signed into law by President Trump.
Trump orders withdrawal of US troops from Somalia  2020-12-05
The US has about 700 personnel in the country targeting al-Shabab and Islamic State militants.
Obama and Jordan basketball vests sell for record sums  2020-12-05
Sports shirts worn by the former president and the Chicago Bulls star were auctioned in Los Angeles.
Job growth slows in US as virus cases surge  2020-12-04
The US economy added just 245,000 jobs in November - far less than expected.
US House passes federal cannabis decriminalisation bill  2020-12-04
It is the first bill of its kind taken up by either chamber of Congress but faces an uncertain future.
Trump raises $200m for post-election legal battles  2020-12-04
The money is going on legal challenges to Democrat Joe Biden's victory as well as other purposes.
Unemployed in the US: 'I don’t know what to do'  2020-12-04
Millions of Americans are due to lose jobless benefits as a rise in cases hinders economic recovery.
US election 2020: What legal challenges remain for Trump?  2020-12-02
The president says the result was "stolen" but his lawyers have so far had little success in court.
Trump presidency's final days: 'In his mind, he will not have lost'  2020-11-30
An eerie quiet has descended on the White House as attempts to challenge the election result founder.
What Biden's new foreign policy team tells us  2020-11-24
US foreign policy experts weigh in on what the new slate of top diplomats means for global affairs.
Biden announces all-female senior press team  2020-11-30
Joe Biden has pledged to shape one of the most diverse US presidential cabinets ever.
Melania Trump's hometown in Slovenia hopes its fame will last  2020-11-20
For four years this Slovenian town has enjoyed its link to the First Lady but an era is about to end.
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